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As we at LinkedIn know very well, relationships matter! They’re crucial to being effective at work and to living a full life. So for our next Speaker Series event, we’re thrilled to be hosting Carole Robin to discuss her new book, Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends and Colleagues, that she co-authored with David Bradford

Carole and David co-taught interpersonal skills to Stanford MBA candidates for over 37 years in the legendary course, “Interpersonal Dynamics”—affectionately known to generations of students as “Touchy-Feely.” On May 13, it’s reunion time, when Tomer Cohen, our Chief Product Officer, and Stanford MBA who has actually taken the course, will talk with Carole about how to take our relationships from shallow to exceptional by cultivating authenticity, vulnerability, and honesty, while being willing to ask for and offer help, share a commitment to growth, and deal productively with conflict. 

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