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“The only person that’s going to have power over me, is me”. Scout Bassett doesn’t just push limits. She sets them.

Listen to Scout Bassett - Paralympian, Nike Athlete, and Challenged Athletes Foundation Spokesperson - speak about her transformational journey.  As an infant, a fire took away her right leg from above the knee down. She was found abandoned on the streets of Nanjing, China, and taken to the government orphanage. Inside these isolating walls, she lived in extremely harsh conditions and endured several heart-wrenching years of trauma and anguish.

Today, Scout is a competitive U.S. Paralympic track sprinter who represented Team USA at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. In addition to helping other challenged athletes pursue their dreams, she is rigorously training to be an elite athlete. “We all have different challenges: some external, some internal,” said Scout. “But, it’s not how we start, it’s how we finish that counts.”

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