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When Charles (“Chuck”) R. Schwab founded The Charles Schwab Corporation, he made stock investing, once expensive and clubby reserved for the few, accessible to ordinary Americans.

In his new personal memoir, ‘Invested: Changing Forever the Way Americans Invest,’ Schwab describes the ups and downs he had along the way as he fulfilled his passion to have Main Street participate in the growing economy as investors and owners, not only earners. 

Join LinkedIn CFO Steve Sordello as he hosts an illuminating discussion about the personal challenges Schwab faced, how he overcame them, the life-lessons learned over his lifetime-- and how he turned a democratizing idea into an industry-changing reality that helped make investing and saving for retirement easier for millions.

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We’re thrilled to learn from leadership guru and business strategist, Simon Sinek! Best known for popularizing the concept of Why, Sinek’s TED Talk is one of the most watched TED talks of all-time, hitting 37+ million views. Sinek is also the author of multiple NYT best-selling books, “Start with Why” and “Leaders Eat Last” -- acclaimed for helping organizations around the world inspire their leaders to reach new heights.

Join LinkedIn Editor in Chief, Dan Roth as he chats with Sinek about the themes of his latest and greatest, The Infinite Game, that largely focuses on how adopting an infinite mindset is necessary for leaders who want to build stronger, more innovative and more inspiring organizations.

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Join us as LinkedIn General Counsel Blake Lawit sits down with Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, to discuss Smith’s new book, Tools and Weapons, a narrative from his past 25 years at Microsoft, as the company navigated some of the thorniest issues of our time. 

Smith operates by a simple core belief: When your technology changes the world, you bear a responsibility to help address the world you have helped create. Challenges have been created that come with no preexisting playbook, including privacy, cybercrime and cyberwar, social media, the moral conundrums of artificial intelligence, big tech's relationship to inequality, and the challenges for democracy, far and near. 

Come and learn about some of Microsoft’s most crucial recent decision points, as it strives to protect the hope technology offers against the very real threats it also presents.

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Unconscious bias can be at work without our realizing it, and even when we genuinely wish to treat all people equally, ingrained stereotypes can affect our visual perception, attention, memory, and behavior. This has an impact on education, employment, housing, and criminal justice. In Biased, with a perspective that is scientific, investigative, and informed by personal experience, Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt offers us insights into the dilemma and a path forward.

Come ready to learn and be inspired as Eberhardt presents a hopeful framework for discussion and action by connecting racial bias with the scientific study of the brain. The good news is that we are not hopelessly doomed by our innate prejudices -- Eberhardt reminds us that racial bias is a human problem -- one all people can play a role in solving. 

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Join us as LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner sits down with Andre Iguodala, three-time NBA champion, to discuss insights from Iguodala’s new book, The Sixth Man

Andre Iguodala is one of the most admired players in the NBA. Off the court, Iguodala has earned respect, too—for his successful tech investments, his philanthropy, and increasingly for his contributions to the conversation about race in America.

Centering around leadership, drive, pain and accomplishment, this is a powerful memoir of life and the culture of basketball that reveals new depths to the superstar athlete. The Sixth Man offers tremendous insight into the most urgent stories being told in American society today, touching on diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

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Join us as LinkedIn VP of Engineering Erica Lockheimer sits down with Telle Whitney, former CEO of the Anita Borg Institute and co-founder of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference, to discuss the successes and challenges women in technology face and how to create cultures where women thrive.

Whitney has been a force in the industry, truly changing the trajectory for Women in Technology. When the Grace Hopper Conference started in 1994, there were 500 attendees. Today, it sells out within minutes and has over 20,000 attendees!   

Get ready to be inspired by Whitney’s key leadership lessons learned throughout her career, her thoughts on the importance of diversity and career advice that will benefit everyone.

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Join us as LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman sits down with former Executive Chairman of Alphabet and former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, and Jonathan Rosenberg, former Senior Vice President and Advisor to Alphabet CEO, Larry Page, to discuss insights from their new book, “Trillion Dollar Coach.”

From Steve Jobs and Dick Costolo to Larry Page and Sundar Pichai, several of the biggest names in Silicon Valley will gladly credit much of their success to one name you’ve probably never heard of and who’s no longer with us – Bill Campbell. Considering that Bill helped create well over a trillion dollars in market value, his leadership method doesn’t just deserve our recognition, but could result in an extraordinary return on investment of your time if you learn it.

 “Trillion Dollar Coach” shares behind-the-scenes business wisdom from Bill Campbell, Silicon Valley’s preeminent executive coach. Although he was perhaps the greatest executive coach of all time, Bill shunned the spotlight and rarely gave interviews. The authors hope that by open sourcing his principles and sharing stories of how they have worked for others, they can help people at all levels become more effective managers and leaders.  

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Join us as LinkedIn Wellness Director Michael Susi sits down with international fitness icon, nutrition expert, and legendary big-wave surfer, Laird Hamilton, to discuss Laird’s take on human resilience, relationships, business, technology, risk-taking, and the importance of respecting the natural world ‒ all through the lens of his life both in and beyond the ocean.

While the world increasingly seeks happiness from fads and self-help books, Laird Hamilton  focuses on looking inward and appreciating the brilliant creature we already are. In his book, Liferider, Laird uses five key pillars – Death & Fear, Heart, Body, Soul, and Everything is Connected – to illustrate his unique worldview and life practices, offering inspiration to anyone who wants to elevate their ordinary, landlocked life to do extraordinary things.

 Liferider is based on extensive interviews and conversations between Laird and his co-writer, Julian Borra, with additional insights from Laird’s wife, pro-volleyball player Gabby Reece, joined us for this event as well.

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Join us as LinkedIn Chief People Officer, Christina Hall sits down with Chip Conley to discuss his new book, "Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder." This book was inspired by his professional journey as the 26-year old founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, when he took an inner city motel and turned it into the second largest boutique hotel brand in America, to being an “elder” 50-year-old mentor and unexpected intern at Airbnb.

Part manifesto and part playbook, Wisdom@Work ignites an urgent conversation about ageism in the workplace, calling on us to treat age as we would other types of diversity. In the process, Conley liberates the term "elder" from the stigma of "elderly," and inspires us to embrace wisdom as a path to growing whole, not old. Many “elders” have been forced to make a mid-career change, are choosing to work past retirement age, or are struggling to keep up with the millennials rising up the ranks. Wisdom@Work helps bring understanding about the value of “elders” and multi-generational teams in the workplace.

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