LinkedIn Speaker Series

Join LinkedIn’s Head of Social Impact, Meg Garlinghouse as she hosts a LinkedIn Live Speaker Series with New York Times bestselling author, Kelly Corrigan on her latest book, Tell Me More - a deeply personal, honest and often hilarious examination of the essential phrases that help foster connection in our lives. Together they’ll discuss the significance of phrases such as, “I don’t know” and “Tell me more” - and how we can use Kelly’s lessons to cultivate deeper connections and understanding with our colleagues, friends and loved ones today. This chat will lift your spirits with Kelly’s light-hearted sense of humor and meaningful insights.  

Hot-off-the-press: PBS NewsHour is launching a special and intimate interview series: Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan. Her first episode is launching the same day as this event with former guest speaker, Bryan Stevenson. You’ll also have an opportunity to hear more from Kelly on her podcast and radio show, Kelly Corrigan Wonders.

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