LinkedIn Speaker Series

Join us as LinkedIn Wellness Director Michael Susi sits down with international fitness icon, nutrition expert, and legendary big-wave surfer, Laird Hamilton, to discuss Laird’s take on human resilience, relationships, business, technology, risk-taking, and the importance of respecting the natural world ‒ all through the lens of his life both in and beyond the ocean.

While the world increasingly seeks happiness from fads and self-help books, Laird Hamilton  focuses on looking inward and appreciating the brilliant creature we already are. In his book, Liferider, Laird uses five key pillars – Death & Fear, Heart, Body, Soul, and Everything is Connected – to illustrate his unique worldview and life practices, offering inspiration to anyone who wants to elevate their ordinary, landlocked life to do extraordinary things.

 Liferider is based on extensive interviews and conversations between Laird and his co-writer, Julian Borra, with additional insights from Laird’s wife, pro-volleyball player Gabby Reece, joined us for this event as well.

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