LinkedIn Speaker Series

LinkedIn and Kiva are kindred spirits - sharing the common goal of economic opportunity expansion.  We are honored to host an enlightening conversation between Reid Hoffman, Premal Shah, Kiva’s President and Julie Hanna, Kiva’s Chair of the Board.  


Premal and Julie will discuss everything they are learning about:

  • The most effective ways to reach and truly financially empower the world's poorest

  • The challenges of microfinance and how technological innovation & great social entrepreneurs can help overcome these challenges

  • The challenges and opportunities of operating a non-profit internet public good

  • The problem of credit access for U.S. small businesses and how innovation can help create more opportunity here at home

More About Premal Shah

Premal Shah leads, a website that allows you to lend $25 to the working poor. Since 2005, Kiva lenders have financed over 1 million low-income entrepreneurs from 75 countries, with a 98% repayment rate. The site has been named as one of Oprah's Favorite Things and a Top 50 Website by TIME Magazine. Premal’s inspiration for Kiva came in 2004. Working for several years at PayPal, he took 2 months off to volunteer in India. There he worked with low-income women to help them sell handcrafts online. While the project had mixed results, it strengthened his belief that the right combination of technology, business and love can dramatically accelerate opportunity for those most left out. Today with a burgeoning community of 1 million Kiva lenders, this belief becomes more of a reality each day. For his work as a social entrepreneur, Premal was named on FORTUNE magazine’s “Top 40 under 40″ list. Premal is a graduate of Stanford University.


More About Julie Hanna

Julie Hanna is a serial entrepreneur who is driven by her belief in information technology as a democratizing force for social, political and business disruption. She has spent the last twenty years pioneering products that have allowed tens of millions around the world to connect, communicate and collaborate. Her experience creating innovative products and new business models now informs her work as a board member, angel investor and mentor to fellow entrepreneurs and CEO’s. In addition to serving as Chair of the Board at Kiva, Julie is a member of the board at Socialtext, the leading social networking SaaS provider for small and medium businesses, and an advisor to leading technology incubator, Idealab, as well as a number of internet startups and social ventures in the U.S. and Europe. Serving in roles that ranged from founding executive to founder & CEO, Julie has helped build five consumer internet and software companies. Among them,, (acquired by OpenWave Nasdaq; OPNWV) the fastest growing internet communications service in 1999; Portola, the first internet mail system for businesses where she was instrumental to the acquisition by Netscape; Scalix, a pioneer and global leader in open source software and Healtheon, now WebMD (Nasdaq: WBMD).


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Join us for a conversation with U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about how to raise your voice, make a difference and change the world.

Revolutionary, transparent, empowering and forward-thinking are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Since taking office in 2009 at age 42 to fill Hillary Rodham Clinton's New York Senate seat when Clinton was appointed Secretary of State, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has established herself as a passionate, fearless, and laser-focused presence in Congress.

The granddaughter and daughter of two trail-blazing feminists, Gillibrand is a fierce advocate for getting women involved in the issues that matter most to them and making their voices heard; in 2011, she formed the PAC Off the Sidelines with that very mission in mind. And as a wife and mother to two young sons, she's a role model to working moms everywhere.
With the release of OFF THE SIDELINES: Raise Your Voice, Change the World, Senator Gillibrand hopes to share her message with a much wider audience.  By telling her story, she aims to inspire all women, no matter their age or socio-economic status, to live their lives with meaning and purpose— to let them know that women need to lift each other up, and that there is power in the collective. “Speak up, be heard. You can make a difference”, she writes.

More About Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Born and raised in upstate New York, Kirsten Gillibrand got her start watching her grandmother, Polly Noonan, organize Albany women to make a difference. Those early experiences taught Kirsten the values that guide her public service to this day: hard work, idealism, honesty and bold action.

As congresswoman, Gillibrand pledged to be honest, open and upfront with the public and always stay accessible and accountable. The New York Times called her commitment to transparency a "quiet touch of revolution" in Washington.
Shortly after being elected to the Senate in 2009, Gillibrand made her presence felt, leading the fight to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and overcoming fierce partisan opposition to provide health care and compensation for the 9/11 first responders. This year, she has earned national recognition for fighting the Pentagon over how sexual assaults in the military are prosecuted, creating a unique bipartisan coalition in the process. She is now helping to lead a bipartisan coalition to take on the issue of sexual assaults on our college campuses – all while continuing her successful Off the Sidelines project which supports women candidates across the country.
Gillibrand’s work led TIME Magazine to name her as one of 2014’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” and the New York Daily News to place her number four on its recent list of “50 Most Powerful Women in New York.” Kirsten has also been recognized as one of Newsweek and The Daily Beast‘s “150 Women Who Shake the World.”

Today, Kirsten and her husband, Jonathan, live in Troy, New York with their two young sons, Theo and Henry. Her family is a major inspiration behind her public service career. She does not want any mother to have to worry that there will not be enough food on the table or health care for their sick child.

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