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Do you seek purpose from your work?  Do you strive for impact, personal growth and community? 

On Friday, May 23, we hosted Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative and author of The Purpose Economy, for our first Speaker Series event hosted from our Dublin office, and a discussion around working with purpose.

A series of shifts are happening in our economy: A record of number of millennials are trading in conventional career paths to launch tech start-ups, start small businesses that are rooted in local communities, or freelance their expertise. We are sharing everything from bikes and cars to extra rooms in our homes.

Globally recognized entrepreneur and founder of Taproot Foundation, that helped create the $15 billion pro bono service market, Aaron Hurst argues in his latest book, The Purpose Economy: How Your Desire for Impact, Personal Growth and Community is Changing the World, that while these developments seem unrelated at first, taken together they reveal a powerful pattern that points to purpose as the new driver of the global economy.

"Aaron Hurst powerfully sums up in The Purpose Economy the fundamental changes taking place in the business world."
-Arianna Huffington, Chair, President and Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group

"Here is that rare animal, a business book grounded in compassion. The Purpose Economy taps into our deep craving for meaning in our life and work. If Aaron Hurst is right, and I think he is, we are on the threshold of a new, more value-rich era in business. This book will help find your place in it." 
-Daniel H. Pink, Author of TO SELL IS HUMAN and DRIVE

More About Aaron
Aaron Hurst is an award-winning entrepreneur and globally recognized leader in fields of purpose at work and social innovation. He is the author of three books including The Purpose Economy, which redefines how we think about work and the economy. He is the CEO of Imperative, the new career development platform for professionals seeking purpose at work. Previously, Aaron founded the Taproot Foundation where he was the catalyst and lead architect of the $15 billion pro bono services market.

Aaron has been an advisor and consultant to leading global brands like LinkedIn, Elance, Etsy, Deloitte and Twitter.  He speaks regularly at companies like Google, Citi and BMW and at the campuses of leading business schools around the world.

He is the recipient of the LS&A Humanitarian Award, the highest distinction bestowed on alumni of the University of Michigan.  He lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York.

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