LinkedIn Speaker Series

Join us as LinkedIn’s Co-Founder, Reid Hoffman sits down with Fred Kofman, Advisor on Leadership Development, to learn more about Fred’s new book, The Meaning Revolution. Bringing together economics and business theory, communications and conflict resolution, family counseling and mindfulness meditation, Kofman argues that our most deep-seated, unspoken, and universal anxiety stems from our fear that our life is being wasted - that the end of life will overtake us when our song is still unsung.

Material incentives like salary and benefits only drive a small portion of employees’ motivation. What really drives engagement is the meaning, a feeling that what we do day in and day out makes a difference, that how we spend our time on earth serves a larger purpose beyond just ourselves.

Join the conversation to learn:

  • How to “die before you die,” thinking about the legacy you are leaving behind while you still have an opportunity to shape it
  • How to assume a truly “response-able” mantle of leadership, in a step-by-step, practical way
  • How to move past your deepest fears and anxieties to fashion a truly heroic life
  • How organizations, and the people within them, can make a difference in the world
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